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Soul to Sole: Get Grounded & Find Flow


If you’re feeling stressed, stagnant, or in need of general inspiration, I’d love for you join me, P. Tobi Fishel and Kerri Weishoff in Mexico in March!

Round out the winter and burst into spring with rejuvenating yoga, meditation, qi gong, writing, coaching, and empowering workshops around cultivating your own inimitable dreams in an often overwhelming world. I’ve worked with these INCREDIBLE talented women – experts in their fields of health psychology and integrative health coaching – on my Relief Retreats, which is sponsoring this event.

And this isn’t just for folks with pain. If I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s that “pain” is just one impetus for change; everything I’ve learned about healing pain translates to every other aspect of life. Renovation and/or creation of the optimal life you envision just involves digging deep to find what makes your UNIQUE body, mind, and soul finally join forces; and once you take root (aka get grounded) in this unified, authentic truth, the flow of life feels soooo much more free and easy, in spite of the obstacles and darkness we can’t control. The process itself is often terrifying and painful and also transformationally beautiful and unbelievably empowering. I’d sooooo love to share with all of you what the three of us continue to learn about manifesting change.

Plus, there is kiteboarding.

And massage and biking and acupressure and SUPing and reiki and sea kayaking and lounging and hammocking and reading and doing a whole lot of nothing.

And tacos.

I’ll be leading by the mantra I now try every day to live: Show up, pay attention, tell the truth, let go of the outcome. If nothing else, we’ll be sitting on a beach eating great Mexican food together, in gratitude for whatever led us to that very moment.

I’m in, y’all. I’m IN.

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